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Article 1: Choosing your team

This article is the first in a series about getting started on your first season in Hoops Dynasty.

Like everybody is supposed to, you will begin your NCAA coaching career at Division III. Even if you have already completed a season of Hoops Dynasty, hopefully this article can give you a few tips and reminders when you decide to move up the food chain.

One of the first things you will see when scrolling down the list is the number of scholarships available. The money for recruiting maxes out at six recruits. This means that for every recruit that you go over six, you will have to take money that would have been spent on somebody (or saved for next year). Making sure you have enough money is important because if you don’t want to be forced into having more than one walk on. Having more than one walk on is a bad idea because it slows down the development of the rest of your team because of the lower competition level.

Another thing you should look at is the player’s offensive and defensive IQs. Especially during your first season with a team, you don’t want to start changing the offense and defense. Make sure the juniors and seniors have Bs and As in the same offense and defense that you plan on running.

Read over the Hoops 101 section and check to see that the players fit in with the offense. You may have a center that has a really high low post rating and shoots a high percentage, but odds are he won’t reach his potential if your team is running a fast-break offense and the center is the slowest player on the team.

Compare the success of the team with the players who are going to be returning. Many teams who have a lot of success are loaded with seniors. With those players gone, you should check to see who will be playing more minutes than they had before, and if there is a junior (or potentially sophomore) who can possibly fill that spot.

That brings us to the final point. Choose a team where players have there own role on the team. If your point guard has a low passing rating, he may not be the best floor general for the team. If none of the big men can rebound, the team will struggle a lot. It is very important that you have players who can fill the voids left behind from graduating players, and are also able to contribute in one way or another.

Of course, you won’t always be able to find some perfect team – especially during your first season in DIII. While choosing your team is important, there are many other factors in recruiting and game planning which affect the outcome of a game and the success of your season.

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Blogger Cameron said...

These are all good tips, but they can be used at all three levels. You just have to scale the ratings to the appropriate division. When I pick a team, I always try to make sure there are at least 2 studs that are FR/SO, to be sure that there is something to build on.

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