Friday, June 16, 2006

Article 3: Gameplanning

Okay, so I've probably skipped over a few other things I could address, but here is the next article about debatably the most important part of Hoops Dynasty (recruiting top talent definitely can't hurt).

You might as well start with the depth chart and minutes, though you may have to play around with it later depending on what tempo you're running and whether or not you're getting the results you want. Also, look at your team ratings and see the stamina of each player.

A good general guideline for stamina could be this:

>50 -- 10 minutes or less
>60 -- 15 minutes or less
>70 -- 20 minutes or less
>80 -- 30 minutes or less

If you've got a Fastbreak and Fullcourt Press team, you should probably have 8-10 players in your rotation, each having about 15-25 minutes each.

If you don't want your walk-ons or freshman (or any particular player) to play serious minutes, then don't put them in the depth chart and set their minutes to Rest or Mop-Up. Just make sure you aren't violating any promises to your recruits.

Also, if you're having trouble fitting all of your key players into the rotation, take a closer looks at their rating. You small forward may be able to slide to shooting guard or power forward if he's fast enough or has a high enough low post rating. You may be able to benefit by moving a rebounding guard to the small forward if you need help there.

If you need a guideline for how many minutes the player is able to last, look and see how many minutes they are already playing per game and the fouls they average per game. Your center may be the best player on your team, but if he's in foul trouble he may only be out on the floor for 20 minutes.

The next step is setting the Team Game Plan. Your offense and defense should be set to match the IQs on your team, but you could occasionally add a half-court press if you're willing to watch your team foul a few extra times and give up a couple easy baskets.

The defensive positioning is the most important part of the Team Game Plan. Most coaches set it between 0 and -5, allowing them to double-team players more effectively and also not give up any extra rebounds. You could set your position based on if the opponent has a higher average LP or PE rating, though that could vary by how many players are on the roster at each position.

Skipping down to the Miscellaneous part, I don't check the 'When losing and game is out of reach, give more time to backups'...Though I've probably missed out on keeping my freshman happy, hopefully I'll be able to get back into a game and maybe win one I wouldn't have.

You can set the offense distribution in Player Game Plan in a number of ways. You could set it as a percentage of the total shots taken, or you could set it by how many shots you would like that player to take if your entire team took 100 shots (the total distribution most coaches set it to).

If your opponent plays man-to-man, check and see what key players have low defenses so you know where to attack them.

The three-point setting can be misused into forcing your players into two many bad shots. Unless they've got a relatively high 3PT%, set all of your power forwards and centers to -2. Don't be afraid to do it to you guards and small forward as well. Having your players take it to the hoop is a good way to draw fouls and shoot a lot of free throws.

If you decide to double-team a player, make sure you've got a good reason. If you choose to change three players from 'Never' then make sure only one is on 'Always' and the others are on 'If leading scorer' so you know that you won't be in a situation where none of the three are double-teamed if they're all on the floor.

If you're double-teaming a big man, check his passing and ballhandling rating. If it's half-decent, you'll be giving up points to the open man. Also, just because they've got a high PPG doesn't make them worthy of a double-team. Look at their distribution percentage and their FG%; if they take thirty shots to score twelve points, let them have at it.

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Anonymous paland said...

I respectfully disagree about the stamina to minutes played. I always multiply stamina x .4 to get a basic number and then adjust from there. Many players with a 50 stamina can play 20+ mpg.

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