Game #5 @ Missouri - Kansas City

Game #5 @ Missouri-Kansas City

Arizona State                                                     @                                                       Missouri-Kansas City                                                                                                     

This was a very winnable game against a very talented team that we really needed to steal on the road. The first half played out much like we would have hoped as we were able to build a lead and hold onto it the duration of the half and go into the break with a 33-27 lead.  However the 2nd half proved to be a different beast as the Roos came out and had their way with us while claiming a lead halfway through the 2nd.  It would go back and forth a bit and Wallace Bates tied the game with a tip-in with under 10 seconds remaining but sadly UMKC scored a lay-up of their own with 3 seconds left to give them a 69-67 victory while dropping ASU to 2-3 on the season.