Job Openings

The job openings stage has officially opened and much to my surprise, the only job from my list that would accept me is Baylor.  I've done some looking around the state of Texas to see what prospects are available down there, and the quality of teams that I'd have to compete with, and I'm not sure the jump in quality prospects is worth the giant step back I'd take in overall roster quality.

I think I hang out here at ASU for another couple seasons and see just where the plinko chips end up falling. Might I end up stagnating here for a few years and end up right back in this same position? Possibly! Is there a chance I could turn those old run of PIT runs into new runs in the NT? Absolutely! That small chance of the positive far outweighs the negative in my book. :)

I'll keep an eye on the job openings over the next day or two but I think our best bet is to stay put and enjoy the co-eds at ASU for awhile longer.

Returning Player Series - Shawn Kuiper

Returning Player Profile

PF Shawn Kuiper (SR)

Made it to campus coming off a very successful HS career that saw him graduate as the 21st rated PF in his class and he came on and jumped right into the action at ASU as he actually saw almost 16 MPG as a true freshman.

Shawn has seen quite a bit of development as a big man since he arrived on campus.  His rebounding and low post skills were really raw but had really high potential in both areas that we were luckily able to capitalize on as he is now one of the top 15 returning players in the Pac10 in both those ratings.  He will be weighed on heavily this next season to not only start again at the PF position but also provide more consistent rebounding and scoring touch from inside, and outside. Shawn’s perimeter game was largely nonexistent when he arrived on campus but over the years he has seen vast improvement and can actually be counted on to knock down a big 3 periodically when the team needs it. He wasn’t tasked with taking many 3s over his career to date, but that # should go up as he is required to contribute more on the offensive end of the floor.

As you can see from his career statistics so far, all of his #s have gone up since he arrived here on campus.  The hope is that his scoring and rebounding efforts will see noticeable increases again during his senior campaign.  Ideally I’d like to see him averaging around 12-15 pts and 10 rebounds a game next season.